Alan Briggs
Alan Briggs has a ridiculous passion for helping leaders uncover who they are and how they can reach more impact. He founded Stay Forth Designs to equip leaders and teams for health and impact. He is the Director of Frontline Church Planting, a network and equipping hub in Colorado. He is the Multiplying Pastor at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs where he makes disciples, develops leaders and launches new parishes. His speaking and writing focus on equipping and unlocking the saints for effective ministry inside and outside the family of God. He has written three books; Staying is the New Going (2015) and Guardrails (2016), and Everyone’s a Genius (2017). He and his wife, Julie, have four kids, two adopted and two biological, and are enjoying the process of growing roots. Their family focuses on building bridges to the lost, largely in the context of their neighborhood. He is passionate about equipping leaders and churches to multiply through relational, experiential and formal learning. He loves climbing, camping, grilling and connecting with his neighbors.

Recent Comments
comment_post_ID); ?> I agree 100%, you can tell if a church is doing this it grows, if there's no growth there's poor leadership..
— Dennis Whiterock
comment_post_ID); ?> Great work Bubba! Its exciting to see how God has blessed your faithfulness over your lifetime into remarkable, fruitful, Kingdom expansion! Jesus DID say, "without Me you can do nothing!" (John 15:5). No surprise that He rewards "thick and thin" prayer with great fruitfulness! :)
— Mike Taylor
comment_post_ID); ?> I loved this presentation. It helped greatly as I organized an Outreach Ministry of The Shepherds Care. Thank you. Esther Callaham Mahgoube Emmanuel Pentecostal Church New Jersey
— Esther Mahgoube

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