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  • The Dangerous Moment When Attendance Drops but Giving Stays Strong

    I’ve noticed a recent trend among churches. The evidence is more anecdotal, but I have no doubt the phenomenon is occurring on a national scale.

  • This is the Most Toxic Threat a Church Member Will Make

    One of the most toxic statements a church member or group of church members can make is, “We pay the bills at this church. ” Not only is it unbiblical, it is clearly divisive.

  • Developing Generous Children, Part One: Create a Family Financial Vision

    Humans tend to obsess over what they possess – or desire to possess. Consider the following thoughts by Craig Bloomberg, professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary: The poor strive to acquire enough to survive Those whose basic needs are met naturally want more as a cushion The middle class is discontent because they see people with more The affluent compete with their peers in material one-upmanship Advertising bombards us constantly, creating a consumer culture designed to make us feel shortchanged and always looking to acquire the next possession.

  • How to Fund Your Ministry Vision

    What’s the ONE subject almost no church leader enjoys talking about? Yep.  Money.

  • When and How to Teach About Money

    How often does your church teach about money? For some churches, the answer is rarely or never. The topic is avoided.

  • 7 Traits of Increasingly Generous Churches

    One of the key metrics of financial giving in a church is per member giving: What is the average giving per member or per attendee? Per member giving is often masked by fluctuations in attendance and membership. The most effective measure is to calculate the average giving per member.

  • Checking the Vital Signs of Church Financial Health

    I have seen many churches in financial distress. It is a sad situation to witness.

  • Creating an Effective Fund Raising Video

    Many churches are investing time and money in a video – or more than one – that tells the story of their need for infused capital beyond the regular budget. Others are using for a Year-End-Giving campaign to inspire people about the accomplishments of the year.

  • Three Non-Negotiables for Raising Funds for the Church

    When it comes to raising funds for your church, consider the following three actions to be non-negotiable. 1.

  • The Critical Metric You’re Not Measuring – But Should Be!

    (NOTE: This post was excerpted from the ebook “5 Crucial Church Metrics You’re Not Measuring (But Should Be!)”) Few church metrics come with so much baggage as those centered around giving. We simply don’t know how far to delve into the generosity (or lack thereof) of our congregation.

  • The Generosity Revolution, Part 2: Change the View

    How can you lead a generosity revolution in your church? Earlier this month we celebrated Independence Day in the U. S.

  • Right Idea, Wrong Goal… Where Financial Freedom Goes Wrong

    If I were to list the most common financial goals that are often repeated across the nation in financial small groups, seminars, and sermons, I am confident I know the two that are listed the most. One is a goal most pastors dream of, and the other is a dream held by those in the the pursuit of stronger financial health.

  • The Generosity Revolution Part 1: Fan the Flames

    How can you lead a generosity revolution in your church? We recently celebrated Independence Day in the U. S.

  • One Change in Your Financial Approach that Changes Everything

    Many pastors tell me they hate fundraising. I think there’s a legitimate reason for that.

  • The Power-Full Life Part 2: Blessed to Be a Blessing

    Generosity is a testimony of God’s grace in your life. It affirms your faith and it is how God desires to work around the world.

  • This Kind of Giving is Actually Harmful to Your Church

    If there is a topic that reaches me with frequency, it is the topic of church members designating funds. And the common theme is one of regret.

  • Five Giving Trends in Today’s Church

    Much about church giving is changing. Worship attendance, conversions, and baptisms are often the most scrutinized metrics, but giving trends are close behind.

  • The Power-Full Life, Part 1: Downsize to Maximize

    How can you experience the transforming power of a generous life?  Generosity is a testimony of God’s grace in your life. It affirms your faith and it is how God desires to work around the world.

  • These Reasons Are Why Giving is Down in Your Church

    You are trying to comprehend why the giving levels in your church are down. You may know several possibilities, but you aren’t certain.

  • 7 New Approaches to Talking about Generosity

    So let me guess, every time you need to talk about money in church, you wince. And you’re the leader.

  • 7 Quick Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Intentional Generosity

    While most people want to give and want to be generous, it’s important to recognize that inspiring people to give is really only half the equation. Somehow, churches must find a way to bridge the gap between good intentions and active generosity, helping to move people from wanting to give to actively giving.

  • You Can’t Outgive God

    God came up with the idea of multiplication. If you give him your time, he multiplies it.

  • How Church Generosity Can Impact Your Community

    How can we ensure our giving helps those in need instead of hurting them?  Americans continue to give to charitable organizations at a record pace. Charitable giving in 2015 was over $373 billion, according to The Giving Institute, surpassing the previous year’s amount by over four percent.

  • 6 Ways to Maximize Your Budgeting Process

    Some people believe a budgeting process is a waste of time. I don’t mean the people who have a visceral reaction to budgets and strategy, but there are prudent and wise leaders who view a long budgeting process as bad stewardship.

  • A Perspective on Generosity that Engages Heart and Mind

    How can we ensure our giving helps those in need instead of hurting them?  Americans continue to give to charitable organizations at a record pace. Charitable giving in 2015 was over $373 billion, according to The Giving Institute, surpassing the previous year’s amount by over four percent.

  • 5 Key Insights for Church Capital Campaigns

    After 21 years of local church ministry, I’m excited to be a part of the Resourcing Team of Auxano as a Lead Navigator. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve on executive teams of great churches ranging in size from 300 on one campus, to 10,000+ on five campuses.

  • Growing Churches Regularly Leverage This One, Simple Idea

    No other institution on earth has the potential to change the world and address global issues as the local church. No force on earth is as unstoppable as the local church when it is functioning as a unified body of believers.

  • Pastors and Their Personal Finances…Why the Struggle is Real

    Of the more than 700 pastors’ spouses surveyed in a recent LifeWay research project, more than half expressed that their income from the church is insufficient, and more than two-thirds are concerned they do not have enough saved for retirement. Why is this? Why do so many families in local church ministry struggle financially? While there are likely many reasons, I want to offer four possibilities—three of which place responsibility on the church for not providing enough support and one that places responsibility on the pastor for not being a wise steward.

  • 5 Lessons about Church Giving that Amazon Can Teach Us

    Way back in the mid-1990s there were a lot of companies gunning to be the leader in “online retailing. ” (Who remembers Pets.

  • 10 Financial Mistakes Too Many Churches Make

    The intersection of faith and finance is never easy to navigate as a local church leader. The topic of money is inescapable for anyone who leads a church, so while many of us would rather lead people toward Jesus, we must also embrace the truth that the functions of a local church do not operate for free.

  • Money Matters: Wisely Budgeting for Growth

    Budgeting is a great time to develop a plan, with the right leaders, for spending. I prefer approaching budgeting with a growth mentality.

  • Money Matters: Cultivating Generosity Every Day

    Does asking for money and discussing financial needs not feel very spiritual at times? Ministry income is a subject many church leaders struggle to think about from a spiritual perspective. We often see fundraising as a necessary but unpleasant secular activity to support spiritual action.

  • Moving from Financial Deficit to Abundance

    Somewhere I picked up the line, “Your vision will always outpace your resources. ” Can you relate? Do you find yourself in the position where you always need more money for more ministry? For the majority of us the answer is a resounding YES! When it comes to money there always seems to be more month than money.

  • Answer These 5 Questions to Help Steward the Resources God Has Given You

    When it comes to church, revenue and redemption don’t feel very closely connected. Theologically speaking they aren’t, salvation is a free gift of God.

  • Money Matters: Aligning Priorities Toward Eternity

    How can we cultivate a “get to give” not a “got to give” culture of generosity? It is inspiring to watch generosity flourish. Here are four simple principles regarding generosity: God is a very generous God.

  • Stewardship is More Than Finances: A Bigger View

    When we think about stewardship, we think primarily about money. That’s a good and right thing, because when we think and talk about money, we are patterning our messages after those of Jesus.

  • Discover the Genius of Generosity

    How can you connect with high-capacity givers in your church who are not yet giving without appearing greedy? It’s right there in the Acts 2 account of the early church. As disciples are made, giving is a natural overflow.

  • 6 Keys to Growing Personal Generosity

    Is it really possible to just stop being poor? Not always. There are places in this world where there are no opportunities to pursue, no jobs to work, and no resources to multiply.

  • Are These Offertory Trends Taking Place at Your Church?

    For most Protestant churches, the offertory is the time of worship where church members make financial gifts to God through the church. It may be combined with special music or announcements, but the central theme is giving to God.

  • Breaking the Generosity Conversation Barriers

    How do you connect with high-capacity givers in your church who are not yet giving without appearing greedy?   It’s right there in the Acts 2 account of the early church. As disciples are made, giving is a natural overflow.

  • When Vision and Discipleship Meet the Budget

    The church budgeting process does not rank high on the list of the most motivating and inspiring experiences in a minister's life. Pastors will line up to deliver a message, shepherd the hurting, pray for wayward, and lead the body forward.

  • Is Up and to the Right, Always Right? Understanding Church Giving Increases

    I had a conversation with a pastor last week who told me that the giving in his church was on the rise and he asked how he should interpret that. That’s a sharp pastor.

  • 3 Hard Decisions of Generosity

    The desire for a more generous culture is an inspiring one. After all, we all need more resources released into ministry.

  • The One-Kingdom Approach to Generosity

    Is your congregation stuck seeing generosity as what they cannot give rather than why or how they give?   Generosity is a way of living that involves one’s daily activities, values and goals for life, and the use of all possessions. It begins with recognition of God as Creator of all things, and our position as steward of some things.

  • Stewardship is a Ministry Leader Must

    In his letter to Titus, the apostle Paul called the overseer “God’s administrator” or “God’s steward” (Titus 1:7). Ministry leaders are stewards, not owners, as Jesus owns His Church.

  • Generosity Starts at the Top

    How do I keep our budget from turning inward? For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. - Matthew 6:21 Jesus directed these words to the crowds at the Sermon on the Mount, but their truth is just as appropriate for your church today.

  • 4 Ways to Grow in Your Personal Generosity

    Generosity is not an event or an emphasis. There's no secret sauce or hidden tricks.

  • 2 Challenges in Growing a Generous Church

    Give some thought to what it would be like to be a part of a generous church, led by a generous staff, overflowing with generous people. While generous people can be described in many ways, I will limit their attributes to this statement: A generous person exudes an overall positive disposition, lives with sensitivity to what is going on around them, and is ready to respond to needs.

  • Seven Actions to Lead Your Church to Financial Fitness

    Is your church financially fit? When asked this question most church leaders usually have a quick gut level response between two extremes. They either respond with a confident “yes” because the church has more money than it spends every year.

  • How Vision, Alignment, and Generosity Became One Church’s Future

    About two years ago we received contact from Church at The Mall in Lakeland, FL. They had just launched an initiative with seven missional components.

  • Generosity for Everyone

    It has been an exciting summer around my house. I have had the privilege of watching my college daughter volunteer at the local children’s hospital as a patient pal.

  • God’s 5 Investment Funds

    Your congregation can invest in eternity by using their money for God’s purposes. It is secure.

  • 5 Helps to Leading a Generous Church

    Church leaders worry about money. They worry about the church being able to pay its bills.

  • How to Talk About Giving So People Won’t Tune You Out

    When it comes to finances, most churches are just getting by. A recent study by LifeWay Research found a third of Protestant senior pastors say their church’s giving was under budget in 2015.

  • 5 Questions for Living Small and Dreaming Big

    Church growth and impact over the last decade extend beyond the megachurches we hear of most often. The small church has been on the rise as well, freed from past restraints of limited resources and underdeveloped vision.

  • 4 Giving Gimmicks that Cheapen Biblical Stewardship

    Webster's dictionary defines "gimmick" as "an attention–getting device or feature, typically superficial, designed to promote the success of a product, campaign…any clever little gadget or ruse. " Churches use money gimmicks all the time.

  • When Generosity Floods: The Bayou Church Story

    Are you ready for a flood? Are you praying for a flood? Are you anticipating a flood? A flood can be devastating, transformative, or a combination of both. Imagine waking up one Sunday morning to learn that torrential rains, road closings, and a local natural disaster in the making are potentially washing your big day away.

  • How to Increase Your Generosity IQ

    I am usually reading one or two books on the topic of generosity. I am thrilled that so many resources exist today that stretch church leaders both practically and theologically.

  • 6 Perspectives on Who Should See Church Giving Records

    It’s a difficult question. Indeed it is such a difficult question that I will not attempt to give a concrete answer.

  • 5 Facts About Money in Large Churches

    Recently we partnered with a leading church research firm to conduct a national survey of hundreds of churches exceeding 1,000 people in worship attendance. Below are some interesting financial learnings I want to pass on to you: 100% of large churches are engaging capital campaigns as a funding strategy.

  • Overcoming the 10 Myths of a Generous Church

    I constantly hear pastors bemoan why their church is not more generous. “Our people just don’t give enough” or “We aren’t a rich church” are the two most common replies I encounter.

  • 9 Ways to Grow Generous Disciples

    For every leader, it requires artful and prayerful leadership to inspire a congregation to give. That said, I know how much stress pastors and church leaders carry about church finances.

  • You Were Born to Be Generous

    You can’t stop generosity. It is natural, normal, and wired into the existence of every human being.

  • The Most Powerful Impact on a Giver’s Money: Just Ask

    Right now, many pastors are asking how to increase giving this year. They have set their annual budgets, have planned for staff and expenses, and are anxiously watching the stock market and political news.

  • 6 Givers Jesus Knew that We Should Know Too

    Sharing stories of people doing both good and great things inspires others. When it comes to giving, people can often feel shame and inadequacy.

  • When Church Members Withhold Financial Gifts

    The story is too common, but I hear such stories repeatedly. My most recent conversation was with a church leader where an affluent church member offered to make a large contribution to the renovation of the worship center.

  • The Secret to Overcoming Reluctance to Capital Campaigns

    Beginning today is a new series routinely posting content from one of the most innovative content sources in the church world: SUMS Remix Book Summaries for church leaders.  SUMS Remix takes a practical problem in the church and looks at it with three solutions; and each solution is taken from a different book.

  • How to Move People from the Sidelines to Full Engagement in Your Next Capital Campaign

    My first memory of a capital campaign forms the image of a 2×3 foot poster neatly taped to a wall with a hand-drawn thermometer on it. I was ten years old and my church was raising $50,000 (an inconceivable sum and thus an insurmountable goal) to “save the camp.

  • Top Twenty Proverbs on Giving Without Regretting

    Christmas is the one time of the year when giving is on the forefront of everyone’s mind and possibly heart. You can witness it in the retailer raking it in, the mom preparing for guests, or the Salvation Army volunteer ringing that bell.

  • 5 Questions to Help You Begin Tithing

    Whether it was because of a recent sermon series, the testimony of a friend,a convicting book, or even the Bible itself, you’re seriously considering regularly tithing to your local church. That’s great news.

  • The Power of the Generosity Prayer

    I know you’ve heard of “The Serenity Prayer“ which was said to be authored by Reinhold Niebuhr in the 1930′s or 1940′s. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Going Old Testament with Your Tithe

    When we think about tithing today, we often picture ourselves giving ten percent of our paycheck to a local church. Sometimes that involves making a donation through a mobile app, sometimes it’s dropping a check in the plate as it’s getting passed by.

  • To Develop Generous Disciples, Understand Why People Give

    If you want your church to grow, you must learn how to motivate believers to invest their resources into the kingdom for ministry and for facilities. It is a key responsibility of leadership.

  • Why is Fund Raising Not Fun?

    Most pastors do not realize that the professional fund raising industry for churches began to strongly establish itself in the 1970’s with the founding of a few key firms. Today, the foundation of the largest and most successful firms, along with several smaller and individually operated groups, still derive strategies from these initial firms.

  • 5 Givers You Need to Know

    I have been reading through the Bible this year and journaling about all things related to generosity. It has been an amazing journey as I have learned about the generous nature of God and how faithful He is.

  • How to Lead the Best Money Meeting Ever

    Recently I had the privilege of launching a Generosity Culture session with a pastor who is leading one of the most successful churches in his state. Over the years they have grown from a few hundred to thousands of people generating millions of annual income.

  • 4 Lessons of Financial Health for the Pastor

    I’ve had the privilege of founding two non-profit organizations, one for-profit company, and spent time as an employee of several multi-million dollar organizations. I also run the finances for my family.

  • The Pastor’s Church Finance Checklist

    A consistent theme I have seen in many churches is in the area of church finances. Many church leaders operate out of a mode of scarcity instead of abundance.

  • Leading Your Congregation to Invest in God’s 5 Funds

    Should Pastors ever talk about money? Only if you want to make disciples. What we worship shows in how we spend our time, our energy, and our money.

  • Good Doctrine Demands We Teach About Money

    As a Pastor, I’m well aware of how many people have the assumption that “all Pastors want to talk about is money. ” The funny thing is, after twenty years in ministry and communicating regularly with thousands of pastors, I can firmly assert that talking about money is one of our least favorite things to do, especially in our culture where personal finances are very… personal.

  • Lifestyle Generosity: Christians & Tipping

    The following is a true story. Granted, it happened several years ago.

  • 5 Best Practices for Funding Your Mission

    Every Lead Pastor is responsible for financing the mission.   As a Lead Pastor you have to own it.

  • 4 Actions Pastors Need in Leading Their Church to Financial Breakthrough

     I’ve had the privilege of founding two non-profit organizations, one for-profit company, and spent time as an employee of several multi-million dollar organizations. I also run the finances for my family.

  • 4 Ways to Use Your Giving Time to Extend an Invitation

    I visited a church recently. In between the worship and the Word, they did something called corporate prayer.

  • How Saddleback Church Models Transparency When Asking People to Give

    We’re right in the middle of our Daring Faith campaign at Saddleback and lives are already being changed in amazing ways! One element of this campaign is that we’re asking people to give to some really big goals. We’ve printed a brochure helping people to clearly understand every aspect of the campaign, and one section of that brochure is designed to help people have confidence when they give.

  • 3 Ingredients Necessary When Pursuing True Generosity at Your Church

    Pastors continually share with me their desire for a generous culture, but very few know what it really is and are willing to do the work to experience it. They tend to default toward doing nothing (except complaining) or executing yet another quick fix, short-term remedy.

  • Ransom Notes: When Givers Hold Your Church Hostage

    Do you know any church members who have made demands based upon their financial giving to the church? Okay, that’s probably a rhetorical question because most of you readers certainly have experienced that discomfort. I asked a number of church leaders to share with me how this “hostage taking” usually takes place.

  • When Our Calling Isn’t Enough

    Recently we had the privilege of participating in several church planting events, including ARC, Exponential East, and Stadia. The level of passion and enthusiasm we saw was unparalleled.

  • The Tension Between Technology and Faith

    There’s a tension that exists sometimes when you talk about the relationship between technology and the church. A few months ago we wrote an article titled, “How Pastors Can Lead Their Church to Greater Year-End Giving.

  • The Power of the Preposition in Giving

    Why do people give? That's easy. They give from the heart, to vision.

  • Stop Asking Millennials for Money

    Drawing on the findings from research into giving by millennials here and here, I've compiled six traits of young givers that charities and non-profits would be wise to keep in mind as they look to engage with the $200b spending power of the Millennial generation: 1. We like to invest in ideas that actually make a difference Photos of starving children don’t stir us to donate, rather they stir us to care about fixing the root of the problem.

  • 6 Tips in Leading Your Next Capital Campaign

    I was given a campaign manual on my first day as an XP. That’s right, I got my first assignment and it was to lead our growing church plant through a capital campaign that would allow us to double our space.

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