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Motto? Lion chasers choose fear! Love Language? Quality time, outdoors Favorite Possession? My dogs Surprising Personal Fact? I eat details for breakfast (per Steve) Favorite Album? The Essential Billy Joel Coffee? I’ll take a Diet Coke Ice Cream Flavor? Mint chocolate chip

Marketplace Secrets to Building and Connecting with an Audience

How do you determine what content you should generate—and to which platforms you should publish? Commence the development of a content marketing strategy.

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comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks, this is interesting and helps the preacher to navigate and plan is goals and objectives during difficult seasons and changing times
— Paul B Thomas (@Pentecostaltv)
comment_post_ID); ?> Christinah Facing the dilema in church planting has just given me sleepless nights with headache in this small town in Swaziland Southern Africa. The model we used is not working. People around are shunning our services. I do not feel like quitting, but some of my team members are discouraged now.
— Tau Kutloano Christinah
comment_post_ID); ?> I have found out more. I guess it's all about backing? ReNew doesn't have that. We are a mission church, in a small downtown area. We are a wonderful church though. I guess we also needed everyone to attend and possibly be of service all the time. If I could have it all over to again, I'd participate more, open my mouth more,....IDK, I still am holding onto God's intervention somehow. We have until Sept. 30th.
— Linda Speaks

Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.