Unique 19 − 2013: Issue #4

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Radical is how we’d enthusiastically describe these four churches! Some of these stories might make you feel a little uncomfortable with their nowhere-near-ordinary approaches, but radical obedience to Jesus often looks different than others expect. The Unique 19 is the church list for the rest of us!  In Issue #4, you’ll read about:

– The Cove, Moorseville, NC: 1,000 Neighborhood Campuses in Race City, USA

WordServe, Fulshear, TX: Typical Suburb, Totally New Scorecard

LakePointe Church, Little Rock, AR: Making it harder to go to Hell in Hot Springs

– Harvest Christian Fellowship, Plainview, TX: After the Father’s heart amid the independence of west Texas

In addition to these four stories, we’ve also included a helpful set of questions to review with your team. We call them Team ConnectTeam Challenge and Team Act questions. It’s our desire to help your team take the inspiration provided in Unique 19 and provide actionable steps for applying vision-driven ideas in your unique church!

The Unique 19 is brought to you by the team at Auxano. We navigate leaders through growth challenges with vision clarity. Learn more about Auxano.

If you are new to The Unique 19, be sure to download our previous issues, too!

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— Scott Michael Whitley
comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you so Much for this great article. It has open my eyes on where we have faltered and the things we need to work on. God can never indeed be the problem. It's us.
— Bertille
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— Faith Jackson

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