Cory Hartman
Cory Hartman of Fulcrum Content has written for churches, nationally known trainers, newspapers, the academy and the web. Corey has more than a decade of pastoral experience and three theological degrees.

6 Ways to Rekindle Your Church’s Passion for Its Vision

Has your church has lost its passion for its vision. We get it. It happens to everyone. Waning passion is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Here are six ways to get it back.

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comment_post_ID); ?> Amen!!
— Scott Michael Whitley
comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you so Much for this great article. It has open my eyes on where we have faltered and the things we need to work on. God can never indeed be the problem. It's us.
— Bertille
comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks for this information. It helps me begin to look at the church in a different light.
— Faith Jackson

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