Nicole Unice
Nicole Unice is a ministry leader at Hope Church in Richmond, VA. She's a bible teacher and the author of She's Got Issues (Tyndale, May 2012). Her writing on spiritual formation and leadership has been featured in Leadership Journal, Relevant, the Catalyst Blog and she's a featured contributor to Christianity Today's Today's Christian Woman. Connect with her at http://www.nicoleunice.com

The Vision Vacuum

If you are operating in a personal vision vacuum, today might be a day to spend some time refreshing yourself on what matters most to God, and what he’s gifted you to do.

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comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you for sharing such a good article. It is a great lesson I learned from this article. I am one of the leaders in Emmanuel united church of Ethiopia (A denomination with more-than 780 local churches through out the country). I am preparing a presentation on succession planning for local church leaders. It will help me for preparation If you send me more resources and recommend me books to read on the topic. I hope we may collaborate in advancing leadership capacity of our church. God Bless You and Your Ministry.
— Argaw Alemu
comment_post_ID); ?> Amen!!
— Scott Michael Whitley
comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you so Much for this great article. It has open my eyes on where we have faltered and the things we need to work on. God can never indeed be the problem. It's us.
— Bertille

Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.