Have You Considered Going Mobile with Your Strategy?

Each day, 3,300 women wake up in America believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy. In this tragic decision, not only does a human life cease to exist, but a woman’s life is changed forever. Abortion is never the solution.

Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers knows this… and they seek to give a better solution. An organization whose mission is to reveal truth to their clients through the mosaic of life, Mosaic has been serving women and men facing unplanned pregnancies for over 25 years. When given truth and support, 97% of the abortion-vulnerable women choose life for themselves and their unborn child.

Mosaic’s strategy is three-fold: Connect, Counsel, and Continue.

The first step is to connect. The client may have certain expectations in coming to Mosaic. It is important that their peer counselor understands where they are coming from during their first appointment. From that day forward, they are not alone.

The next step is counsel. Upon arriving for their first appointment, patients are assigned a peer counselor that will meet with them for approximately a one-hour counseling session. A pregnancy and/or STD test will be offered. Based on the information the patient provides, the peer-counselor will share how Mosaic can best help.

The final step is to continue.  Mosaic’s approach to help is based on continued support. The initial counseling session may only last for one hour, but the peer counselor will continue to support the patient throughout his or her time of need. All of our services are free and confidential.

Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers is a Christ-centered ministry whose staff, led by Executive Director Kathy Sparks, believes that transformed lives lead to changed values, which lead to changed behaviors. Despite this, about five years ago, they saw the number of clients coming to their centers plateau at around 500 new clients per year. Compared to the 5,000 abortions that continued to be performed locally each year, this was unacceptable. However, with their limited client rooms and appointment times, high overhead costs of brick and mortar locations, and accessibility issues of abortion-vulnerable clients, there didn’t seem to be a solution to their problem.

That is… until they decided to go mobile.

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With the challenge to reach twice as many abortion-vulnerable women, they created C2 by Mosaic- a mobile medical unit that takes two of the strategy steps, Connect and Counsel (C2) to their clients by offering free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.

With help from Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound, they were able to purchase a new ultrasound machine in 2012 and were on the road by 2013 with C2 Mobile. Over the past year, new clients are up 25% and C2 Mobile has been a success!

JR Go-MobileMosaic’s story is unique in that not every company has the ability or need to go mobile. However, it’s not-so-unique in that they had a problem, and they had to figure out how to solve that problem. They weren’t content with plateauing at 500 new clients a year when they knew ten times that in abortions were happening right outside their front door. So they did something about it. They brought their ministry to the front doors of their clients.

So what’s your story? Where have you plateaued in your ministry or organization? Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, you just have to think outside of the box… and maybe go mobile with your strategy.

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Jim Randall

As Chief Management Officer and Lead Navigator for Auxano, Jim Randall has guided churches all over the country as a “vision strategist.” After serving as the primary developer of ministries within the local church, Jim became one of the founding officers of Auxano in 2004. Jim’s expertise lies with developing ministries based upon clarified vision. He brings a breadth of leadership and church growth knowledge from his proficiency of coaching senior pastors and multiple church staffs in the vision arena, especially around organizational clarity, ministry alignment, and team synergy. Jim has demonstrated achievement as a strategic thinker with a unique ability to bring a group of people to a deep sense of personal ownership and passion. His education includes a Master of Arts in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a B.S. in Religion from Liberty University. Jim lives just outside of Orlando in Merritt Island, FL with his wife and son.

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