James Emery White
James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, NC, and the ranked adjunctive professor of theology and culture at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which he also served as their fourth president. He is the founder of Serious Times and this blog was originally posted at his website www.churchandculture.org.

Two Critical Strategic Mistakes Most Churches Make

One of the most important responsibilities of leadership is navigating the dynamics between strategy and tactics.

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What Your Church Sign May Say About Your Church Vision

The problem with the American church today is simple: It’s turned inward toward the already convinced instead of outward toward those far from God and, as a result, does nothing of an informed nature in terms of strategy or tactics to reach those far from God.

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The One Test That Reveals Your Hate for Other People

How much would I have to hate someone to not share my faith?

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The Slow Death of Refusing to Change

The message and intent of the church is timeless and not to be changed, but the methods must be ruthlessly reevaluated.

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The Unmistakable Value of Self-Awareness

If Dunkin’ isn’t in the donut business but the food and beverage business, and Weight Watchers isn’t in the diet business but the health and wellness business, what about the church?

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5 Takeaways for Communicating With Generation Z

Five simple but important takeaways on communicating with Generation Z – this isn’t merely “preference” for them, it’s simply who they are.

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comment_post_ID); ?> good article. Where I would take exception in the seeming negativity to plant a church more organically/biblically through missional communities due to the slowness of growth. I think that's the problem with church planting in the US today is that speed of numerical growth has taken priority over true and authentic spiritual growth
— evansavage1
comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks Thom, You’re exactly correct. Now how about some solutions when confronted by one of these wayward actors?
— Mike
comment_post_ID); ?> This is hilarious. Well done!
— RussellC

Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.