Understanding the Importance of the Critical Path in Your Next Ministry Project

Most organizations focus on shiny objectives or contentious discussions or get sidetracked by emergencies instead of honoring the critical path.

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Stop Promoting. Instead, Start Telling a Story Worth Sharing

You can dramatically impact your “more awareness” problem by investing heavily in a story that’s worth spreading.

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Do What You’re Capable Of

In one of his most challenging books yet, Godin shows why true innovators focus on  trust, remarkability leadership, and stories that spread. And he makes a passionate argument for why you should be treating your work as art.

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The Lab or the Factory

Seth Godin uses a business example to point out that some organizations are content with doing what they’ve always done while others are always in search of the next great idea. This has HUGE implications for ministry work.

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Thriving Ministries Do Something Different Tomorrow than They Did Yesterday

In the post-industrial age, when thriving organizations do something different tomorrow than they did yesterday, when the output is connection as much as stuff, the objectives are very different.

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Pushing Ministry Innovation Forward: The Desperate Effort that Comes from Being Hopeful

As organizations and individuals succeed, it gets more difficult to innovate.

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Your Brand is a Story – About You

Your brand is a story. But it’s a story about you, not the brand.

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Leaders Communicate with Certainty

The sure hand of someone who understands what she says and what she wants to communicate can’t help but touch us.

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When Leading Change in Your Church, the First Question to Ask is “Who?”

The first, most important question to consider when making change at your church is, “who do we want to change?”

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Eleven Things Your Church Can Learn from the Airport

I don’t dislike flying–I dislike airports. There are so many things we can learn from what they do wrong.

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comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you for sharing such a good article. It is a great lesson I learned from this article. I am one of the leaders in Emmanuel united church of Ethiopia (A denomination with more-than 780 local churches through out the country). I am preparing a presentation on succession planning for local church leaders. It will help me for preparation If you send me more resources and recommend me books to read on the topic. I hope we may collaborate in advancing leadership capacity of our church. God Bless You and Your Ministry.
— Argaw Alemu
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— Scott Michael Whitley
comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you so Much for this great article. It has open my eyes on where we have faltered and the things we need to work on. God can never indeed be the problem. It's us.
— Bertille

Clarity Process

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