Tim Kastelle
Tim Kastelle is a Lecturer in Innovation Management in the University of Queensland Business School. He blogs about innovation at the Innovation Leadership Network.

Ministry Innovation Travels on Two Legs: The People-Centric Process of New Ideas

Talk to people, all the time.  That’s how you’ll get new ideas, and it’s how you’ll get them to spread.

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Ministry Innovation Requires a Bias Toward Action

The best innovation comes when we are concerned with both discovery and use.

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Your Words are the Technology of Leadership

If talk is the technology of leadership, than it makes sense to build our skills in this area.

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Responding to Ministry Innovation Negatives: Learn to Experiment and Prototype

How do you respond to new ideas in your ministry? One of the big problems with shooting down ideas immediately is that doing so assumes that we can know in advance which ideas will work and which won’t.  But we can’t.  This is why experimenting and prototyping are such critical innovation skills.

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Working Through the Obstacles to Innovation in Your Church

People often think that having a great idea is the hard part of innovating.  Most of the time, this isn’t the problem.  Getting the new idea to spread is.

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Mind the Gaps: Build Basic Innovation Skills First

There are no innovation short cuts; you have to build your skills first. Then you’ll know that innovation happens in the gaps.

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Is Innovation a Part of Your Organization’s DNA?

What makes the successfulorganizations different?  Passion.  PurposeExperiments.

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comment_post_ID); ?> good article. Where I would take exception in the seeming negativity to plant a church more organically/biblically through missional communities due to the slowness of growth. I think that's the problem with church planting in the US today is that speed of numerical growth has taken priority over true and authentic spiritual growth
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comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks Thom, You’re exactly correct. Now how about some solutions when confronted by one of these wayward actors?
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