Essential Reads for Better Guest Welcomes

Summer is a great time for reading – even if you’re not on vacation. Admittedly, I’m biased. I’m a voracious reader – to the tune of 3-5 books per week. Yep – you read that right! For me, reading is a discipline – but it’s also a gift.

You should be a reader, too, because leaders are readers. To explore that thought, click here. Over on my other website, 27gen, you will find a LOT about books. For starters, there is a weekly excerpt from past issues of SUMS Remix (a book excerpt published by Auxano every other week). You can read more about SUMS Remix here.

But for now, and for this website, here are some new – and new to me – books that will help you become a better Guest Experience Leader.

Beginning Monday June 3, and on every Monday throughout the summer, I will be featuring a few quick nuggets from each book relating to the Guest Experience. I call it a “book teaser” and when they are published, I will link them in the list above.

And if you’re really curious, follow this link to The Essential Guest Experience Library. It’s a listing of several hundred Guest Experience related books I have accumulated over the years. Look for an interesting book title – and “check it out” at your local library or purchase from your favorite bookstore. (The books above and in my Library are linked to my Amazon Affiliate page. Purchasing them from the link will not cost you any more, but will provide a small amount to help me continue expanding my Guest Experience library!).

Want to know more about reading, or any of the books mentioned above or in my library? Leave a comment below or contact me!

So – what will you be reading this summer to become a better Guest Experience Leader?

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Bob Adams

Bob Adams

Bob is an absolute fanatic about Guest Experiences, growing up watching his father serve customers at the gas station he built and operated for 44 years. Bob is continually connecting with corporate leaders in the customer experience world, learning and then translating practices for ChurchWorld. He writes, speaks, and consults on the topic frequently. Vocationally, Bob has a dual role at Auxano, a clarity first consulting firm serving the church. As Vision Room Curator and Digital Engagement Leader he researches, edits, writes and publishes online content. As Guest Experience Navigator, he leverages his passion, providing Guest Perspective Evaluations and Guest Experience Blueprints. Bob and his wife Anita have been married for 39 years. They have 4 children, 3 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.

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