Eric Geiger
Eric Geiger is the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Before moving to Southern California, Eric served as senior vice-president for LifeWay Christian. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. Eric has authored or co-authored several books including the best selling church leadership book, Simple Church. Eric is married to Kaye, and they have two daughters: Eden and Evie. During his free time, Eric enjoys dating his wife, taking his daughters to the beach, and playing basketball.

The Ministry Benefits of Weekly Downtime

Ministry leaders must take a day off each week for the sake of their own health, both physical and spiritual health. Without a time to rest, leaders will burn out or implode.

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Three Places to Uncover Values in Your Culture

Wise leaders don’t declare values; they uncover the values that are already there.

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Startling New Findings on How Churches Welcome Guests

Every church sends a message through how they welcome and treat guests. Not to be hospitable is to prove the message of God’s grace hasn’t impacted the totality of the church.

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The Greatest Value You Can Add to Your Team is Theirs

When people feel they are being responded to, their connection with the other person increases significantly.

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3 Ways Your Team Struggles with Execution

Struggles with execution happen because people who need to work together across teams struggle to do so. When coordination falters, so does execution.

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Two Really Bad Ways to Work on Your Leadership Weakness

Our weaknesses as leaders can crush us if we do either of these things with them.

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Three Perspectives of Using Data in the Church

There are three common approaches leaders take with data and only one of them is healthy and wise.

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Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.