Eric Geiger
Eric Geiger is the Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Before moving to Southern California, Eric served as senior vice-president for LifeWay Christian. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. Eric has authored or co-authored several books including the best selling church leadership book, Simple Church. Eric is married to Kaye, and they have two daughters: Eden and Evie. During his free time, Eric enjoys dating his wife, taking his daughters to the beach, and playing basketball.

5 Ways to Grow Mission-Hearted Leaders

Here are five ways you can grow your team’s heart for your mission, using five different kinds of spiritual practices.

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How to Close the Gap Between Consumption and Community

Church is plural. It is not alone. Church is a gathering of the “called out ones.” Because of this a church must not make consumption the goal, but believers in community and on mission the goal.

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Your Preaching Will Never Be Enough

Most people think about the current moment, the larger environment, and the number of followers. Instead think about the next step, the smaller group, and the number of leaders.

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Are You Caring for Your Community or Just Consuming From It?

Here are three thoughts on caring for your community and not merely consuming from it.

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Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.