Todd McMichen
Todd serves at the Director of Generosity by LifeWay. His generosity roots arise from leading multiple capital campaigns for local churches that together raised over $35,000,000 for their visionary projects. Since 2000, Todd has been a well-established stewardship coach, generosity leader, author, and conference speaker.

Right Idea, Wrong Goal… Where Financial Freedom Goes Wrong

What if your financial goals unintentionally create shame, guilt, discouragement, or even false gods?

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One Change in Your Financial Approach that Changes Everything

It can be tempting to rely on capital campaigns to create margin and drive funding, but relying on capital campaigns often stands in the way of leading with vision and cultivating generous disciples.

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4 Ways to Grow in Your Personal Generosity

Every leader, person, and church can live generously. It’s a spiritual formation issue far more than a financial resource issue.

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It’s Time to Stop Campaigning and Start Discipling

What happened when a church courageously hit the pause button on their next campaign and developed a comprehensive discipleship plan around their “give fully” spiritual mark.

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Generosity for Everyone

Generosity is for everyone, so let’s all join the journey of getting a little better at it each day.

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How to Talk About Giving So People Won’t Tune You Out

Generous giving is a biblical instruction—and an important conversation to have with members.

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comment_post_ID); ?> good article. Where I would take exception in the seeming negativity to plant a church more organically/biblically through missional communities due to the slowness of growth. I think that's the problem with church planting in the US today is that speed of numerical growth has taken priority over true and authentic spiritual growth
— evansavage1
comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks Thom, You’re exactly correct. Now how about some solutions when confronted by one of these wayward actors?
— Mike
comment_post_ID); ?> This is hilarious. Well done!
— RussellC

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