Do You Want Normal or Normalcy?

There is a difference in “getting back to normal” and “getting back to normalcy” in your church.

The latter is a restoration of the rhythms and relationships found in gathering together as the Church once again. The former is a restoration of the habits and practices of doing Church as it was pre-COVID-19.

We are now in a season in which church leaders can consider, as we all yearn for normalcy, the potential of instilling a “new normal” within our congregations. What if our families could stay connected? What if our discipleship efforts could remain decentralized and outward focused? What if being the Church could continue to outpace doing Church?

Join Auxano Navigators David Putman and Bryan Rose on this week’s Better Future Webinar as they present a brand-new training tool, the Vision Recovery Process. In this two-part online training, attendees will learn:

  • How to process the timing around three phases of disruption
  • Key conclusions about disciple-making in a “new normal” of church life
  • Five critical steps to recovering your church’s disciple-making vision
  • Ten questions every church should ask every member this week

Part one will be Tuesday, April 14, at 11:00 am EDT / 10:00 am CDT, and part two will be on Thursday, April 16, at the same time. You don’t have to attend both, but we recommend reserving a spot here because space will be limited.

The last thing any of us needs is another talking-head driven ZOOM call, so Auxano promises that every Better Future Webinar will be super practical, immediately applicable, and founded on process tools that will make a difference in your leadership.

Thanks for you all you are doing for your congregation and community in this generation-marking season. We hope to see you right here on Tuesday!


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Bryan Rose

Bryan Rose

As Lead Navigator for Auxano, Bryan Rose has a strong bias toward merging strategy and creativity within the vision of the local church and has had a diversity of experience in just about every ministry discipline over the last 12 years. With his experience as a multi-site strategist and campus pastor at a 3500 member multi-campus church in the Houston Metro area, Bryan has a passion to see “launch clarity” define the unique Great Commission call of developing church plants and campus, while at the same time serving established churches as they seek to clarify their individual ministry calling. Bryan has demonstrated achievement as a strategic thinker with a unique ability to infuse creativity into the visioning process while bringing a group of people to a deep sense of personal ownership and passion.

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comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you Ed for sharing your insights into the Church Growth Movement. I have my reservations with Church Growth models because it has done more damage than good in the Body of Christ. Over the years, western churches are more focused on results, formulas and processes with little or no emphasis on membership and church discipline. Pastors and vocational leaders are burnt out because they're overworked. I do believe that the Church Growth model is a catalyst to two destructive groups: The New Apostolic Reformation and the Emerging Church. Both groups overlap and have a very loose definition. They're both focus on contemporary worship, expansion of church brand (franchising), and mobilizing volunteering members as 'leaders' to grow their ministry. Little focus on biblical study, apologetics and genuine missional work with no agenda besides preaching of the gospel.
— Dave
comment_post_ID); ?> Thank you for sharing such a good article. It is a great lesson I learned from this article. I am one of the leaders in Emmanuel united church of Ethiopia (A denomination with more-than 780 local churches through out the country). I am preparing a presentation on succession planning for local church leaders. It will help me for preparation If you send me more resources and recommend me books to read on the topic. I hope we may collaborate in advancing leadership capacity of our church. God Bless You and Your Ministry.
— Argaw Alemu
comment_post_ID); ?> Amen!!
— Scott Michael Whitley

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