As Lead Navigator for Auxano, Bryan Rose has a strong bias toward merging strategy and creativity within the vision of the local church and has had a diversity of experience in just about every ministry discipline over the last 12 years. With his experience as a multi-site strategist and campus pastor at a 3500 member multi-campus church in the Houston Metro area, Bryan has a passion to see “launch clarity” define the unique Great Commission call of developing church plants and campus, while at the same time serving established churches as they seek to clarify their individual ministry calling. Bryan has demonstrated achievement as a strategic thinker with a unique ability to infuse creativity into the visioning process while bringing a group of people to a deep sense of personal ownership and passion.

The Complex Work of the Simple Church

“Simple Church” ministry demands more than picking three words to put on your marketing pieces. True simplicity requires a conviction in a calling, courage to assess, confidence in a team and competency to lead forward.

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Discerning the Difference Between Urgent and Important

It remains then that knowing the difference between what is urgent and what is important creates margin and produces perspective for every leader in the organization.

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You’re Not A Church Plant Anymore… Here’s Why

There are some indicators that a shift in the language you use for your church might be required. Here are ten signs it’s time to stop calling yourself a church plant.

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One Word Makes Your Mission Missional

One word will make the difference between people smiling and nodding when you cast vision from the mission – or being moved to imagine and envision themselves on-mission in everyday life.

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Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.