As Lead Navigator for Auxano, Bryan Rose has a strong bias toward merging strategy and creativity within the vision of the local church and has had a diversity of experience in just about every ministry discipline over the last 12 years. With his experience as a multi-site strategist and campus pastor at a 3500 member multi-campus church in the Houston Metro area, Bryan has a passion to see “launch clarity” define the unique Great Commission call of developing church plants and campus, while at the same time serving established churches as they seek to clarify their individual ministry calling. Bryan has demonstrated achievement as a strategic thinker with a unique ability to infuse creativity into the visioning process while bringing a group of people to a deep sense of personal ownership and passion.

Generospitality Part Six – One Last Reminder About THIS WEEK’s Guest

First-time guests may not remember any of the points in your message or any of the words of your music, but they will remember every moment of your welcome.

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Ten Ways Reading Will Benefit Your Life and Ministry in 2020

Many of us will create goals around reading in light of a New Year and, to some, a new decade of church ministry. Here are ten ways reading will benefit your life and ministry in 2020.

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Generospitality Part Five – The Seven Checkpoints of an Engaging Guest Experience

Your guests feel your hospitality, or the lack thereof, as they navigate a shared set of moments across your campus environments for the very first time.

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Generospitality Part Four – Three Terrible Messages Your Welcome Team Sends

In your church, love begins every week with your welcome. From your church’s website to your worship bulletin, every step of your hospitality systems will either speak to the love found in your body, or it will reveal one of three conflicting shadow mindsets.

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Generospitality Part Three – How YOUR Welcoming Impacts THEIR Giving

A church will never give with generosity if they are not living every Sunday with hospitality.

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Generospitality Part Two – The Early Church Practiced This ONE Thing

It is, and always has been, simple: Be generous and love those inside of the Church. Be hospitable and love those outside of the Church. Even today, how your church loves makes a difference.

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Generospitality Part One – The Missing Piece of Every Church Growth Model

Beyond gathering, eating, singing and serving, the Acts 2 Church pursued one practice above all others.

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Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.