Bob Adams is Auxano's Vision Room Curator. His background includes over 23 years as an associate/executive pastor as well as 8 years as the Lead Consultant for a church design build company. He joined Auxano in 2012.

The Disciplemaking Worldview: What is a Disciple?

There is a great market for religious experience in our world; there is little enthusiasm for the patient acquisition of virtue, little inclination to sing up for a long apprenticeship in what earlier generations of Christians called holiness.

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The Disciplemaking Worldview: What is the Gospel?

It is one thing to understand the gospel but it is quite another to experience the gospel in such a way that it fundamentally changes us and becomes the source of our identity and security.

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Your Best You: Uncover Calling

Your reason for being is certainly developed in your personal life, but it’s possible to create it with your work life, and in doing so, serve others.

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Growing as a Leader: Physically

When thinking of growing physically, it’s easy to gravitate toward the big ideas of eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and having a healthy sleep pattern over a period of time. Micro-resilience, on the other hand, takes almost no time, and works almost immediately.

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Growing as a Leader: Mentally

You began an amazing learning journey the day you were born, and it continues to this day. While you may associate “learning” with your younger self, learning continues all throughout your life – or at least, it should.

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Clarity Process

Three effective ways to start moving toward clarity right now.