Bob Adams is Auxano's Vision Room Curator. His background includes over 23 years as an associate/executive pastor as well as 8 years as the Lead Consultant for a church design build company. He joined Auxano in 2012.

Lessons in Leadership from the U.S. Military: Become a Leader of Leaders

One of the most important jobs a senior leader has is to develop leaders or to “build the bench.” The temptation is to put building a bench on hold while focusing on imperative day-to-day duties. Without consciously taking time to build your bench, you run the risk of hurting your organization for generations.

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Lessons in Leadership from the U.S. Military: Paint a Bold, Inspiring Vision for the Future

If you don’t have the courage to set the vision, the tenacity to keep after it, and the integrity to pursue it authentically, your team is going to be dead in the water.

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Lessons in Leadership from the U.S. Military: Lead Yourself First

You can’t effectively lead others until you know how to lead yourself. Envisioning a better future, setting worthy goals, and following through with sustainable impact first and foremost requires leading yourself.

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The ABCs of Avoiding Ineffective Meetings: Build Buffers That Increase Production

Here’s a simple but effective technique to improve your meetings: block out time in your schedule without specifying what it’s for, so you have time to work on unexpected issues.

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Generosity Killers Part One: Materialism

Your pursuit of the latest and best will cause you to make bad financial decisions, and worse, reduce or eliminate your ability to live a generous life. But there is a way out – you can have more by living with less.

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comment_post_ID); ?> good article. Where I would take exception in the seeming negativity to plant a church more organically/biblically through missional communities due to the slowness of growth. I think that's the problem with church planting in the US today is that speed of numerical growth has taken priority over true and authentic spiritual growth
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comment_post_ID); ?> Thanks Thom, You’re exactly correct. Now how about some solutions when confronted by one of these wayward actors?
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